Xbox One: From Hardcore to Family Friendly and Why Gamers Complain

Xbox One: From Hardcore to Family Friendly and Why Gamers Complain


I call myself a gamer usually. Though I don’t always have the time to actually sit down and turn up my Xbox 360. I played games enough and are still in the community to understand what’s in gamer’s mind. I’ve been trying to put my fingers on the new Xbox One release and why gamers, especially hardcore gamers, hate it. I think I can relate.

Some say they don’t understand where gamer’s rage come from. After all pricing stays the same and the product become better. But pricing always stays around the same or even less for newer products, or no one will buy them unless something unique justify the price increase. That’s people’s expectation now. The thing people complaining, especially the more hardcore gamer bunch, is the direction Xbox One is going. It’s going from a dedicated hard-core gaming console (by dedicating I mean dedicate on hardware, OS, integration, feature sets, etc.) to a generic ‘a-little-bit-of-everything’ set-top-box. I think gamers felt a bit like getting ‘cheated’. You have to understand those hardcore gamers, they take it very very seriously. When you are playing COD and you’re about to die if not jumping off a platform to avoid the incoming bullets, that one second delay because of Netflix or other features will be the difference between living and dying for them.

Yes there are casual gamers, but they don’t really care about Xbox or Playstation or Wii, hell they are happy enough with a Galaxy or iPhone even. (Which is totally fine, I’m a casual gamer now myself and liking it.)

I think gamers are upset because Microsoft uses its influence and success on Xbox which is popped up by gamers to pursue its other agendas and leaving gamers behind (or marginalized at least). And as we know it, more often than not, Microsoft’s new agenda won’t be welcomed with great success for some time now… So this feels like a ‘omen’ to gamers.

Will the shift on Xbox One get them more sales because of the shift to broader audiences? Maybe. But at what cost? The exodus of most of their core gamers customers?

I really don’t know whether this is a good thing for them or not.


4 thoughts on “Xbox One: From Hardcore to Family Friendly and Why Gamers Complain

  1. I get it. Gamers want to feel pampered and special. Still, I don’t get the disdain for media integration. The most hard-core gamers, the PC-gaming crowd, have been using PCs which are way more multi-purposed than the XBOne. This generation hardware should be able to handle multi-tasking just fine. Let’s hope Microsoft gets the experience and software right (there is hope since it’s XBOX instead of Windows).

    There are some legitiate concerns in the air, like how the used game market might be affected by always-online requirements. Inability to resell the game discs might affect the cost to gamers overall. Trading games at Gamestop is a gamer past-time of the first order for the hard cores, one of the few activities allowed to eat into actual gaming time. As for me, I’m more casual and a fan of Steam and the App Store. I would much prefer game downloads at a more reasonable price.

    • I think the disdain won’t be on the media integration, but away from its core value hard-core gaming. And with development on hardware, there will always be development on software that demands more hardware power… All the concerns are legit to me, but most of the media somehow missed one biggest factor: Microsoft’s executive level attention. Maybe we can call it ‘reverse Midas Touch’. Whatever project they start to pay attention and get involved, get screwed. Now is Xbox’s turn, and this is the most scary thing to me…

      • I’m not sure I understand your point here about moving away from the core value of hard-core gaming. Other than the media integration, I don’t see any signs that they are catering more closely to the casual crowd than the hard-core crowd. From what I’ve read, the specs will line up pretty well with the PS4.

      • Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear enough. What I’m trying to say is with multi-tasking and free switch between watching a movie and playing a game etc. what used to be dedicated to gaming now is shared by all these features, kind of ‘diluted’. The hardware is on-par with competition, but it’s the ‘dilution’ part that concerns people. Put it this way, if Xbox One can do everything, runs Windows, then what’s the major difference between an Xbox and a Windows PC? What is a console’s unique competitiveness against a PC as a gaming device? It might not be too bad and we are just ‘concerned’ right now. Maybe it won’t end up that bad after more details are released on E3. 🙂

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