Long Time Coming : Netflix dump Microsoft’s Silverlight for HTML5

Due to Microsoft Silverlight’s lack of support in the future, Netflix is moving their platform to HTML5.

Stick to an out-dated, poorly supported and proprietary plug-in isn’t the way to gain edge on competition.  Netflix has been making great progress on creating its own exclusive contents like House of Cards. They are right on their way to the goal of ‘becoming HBO sooner than HBO become us.’ This move away from Silverlight to the more mobile-friendly HTML5 shows that they haven’t forgotten their technical origin during the transition. 

I look forward to any UI/UX innovation they would bring to us with the introduction of HTML5. 


2 thoughts on “Long Time Coming : Netflix dump Microsoft’s Silverlight for HTML5

  1. Greetings, MountainWalker!
    I read your comments on a TNW post about LINE versus Path stickers, back in March, and followed the Disqus links back to your home here (I wish WordPress offered greater means of expression through enhanced emoji. I tried to think of an appropriate one that was supported by WordPress, but failed. It stifles my creativity :\ or maybe :` I don’t recall 🙂

    As for Netflix, that was a good decision. I actually like using Microsoft Silverlight, and am amazed at some of the applications e.g. Photosynth. Microsoft’s product strategy is inscrutable though. They go to the effort of creating Silverlight, have their research group designing applications for it, encourage Windows users to enable/ download it, then barely follow up with SDK and similar, for using it. Meanwhile, focus shifts to some other new Microsoft product or service! Many are well-designed and have great potential, but there’s no follow-through. And the next thing I hear is that the product is no longer supported, or being discontinued. In contrast, Google attract lots of enthusiastic, loyal users. Unfortunately, Google is making us feel disenchanted by closing down those services, without even offering a fee-based version. Lots of people (me!) would pay to keep using wonderful Google Reader.

    Final thought: I wanted to tell you that your WordPress site looks elegant, especially the header. Please continue to write posts, if you have time, even casual ones!

  2. Hey Ellie,

    Thanks for the comments and the kind words! I totally agree with you on the ‘not follow through’ part. When a new product is launched, they always say that ‘it’s designed with end users in mind’, but later on when they decide to switch strategy, no matter how many users vote against the decision, they just ignore it and do it anyway. For Google, maybe they think it’s a free product and in ‘beta’, so they themselves don’t take it seriously. For Microsoft, I think they are still a bit clueless as in what the market position they should be in the new ‘everything mobile’ world. Silverlight is created to compete with Flash, but Flash itself is losing traction to HTML5. I don’t blame Microsoft for their decision, but it’s still sad for the Silverlight user. (Netflix is moving to HTML5)
    It’s sad that a lot of good services/products got cancelled or stopped lately, but we live in an era of change, of fast paced development on tech, companies stumbled forward trying to catch up, especially for the big companies which is not very nimble.
    Sometimes they adapt by acquiring smaller, more innovative companies. Some of them succeeded (Siri), some of them fails (HP-WebOS case). The failed ones are extremely sad…

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