E-Ink Smartphone Could Work


An E-Ink smartphone could work, for 3 Reasons:

1. Long battery life

E-Ink consumes very minimum power.

2. Price

Since video performance is no concern at all, I imagine good pick of chipset and E-Ink screen will actually make it very affordable.

3. Easy to the eyes

Self-explanatory. We all love E-Ink for it.

Combine these 3 treats, I came to a very interesting conclusion:

E-Ink smartphone is perfect for enterprise!

  • It’s cheap so it can be deployed to a wider range of staff.
  • It last longer so good for long business trips.
  • And it can’t be used to play games, watch videos, etc. Reducing distraction and increase productivity

4. Always on, no  locking/unlocking hassle

Drew Wilken pointed out to me that another advantage for E-Ink is that after the pixel is printed, it cost no power at all, which means the device can be always on without much battery drain. So you don’t have to lock your smartphone or turn off the screen to save power, just leave it on and anytime you want to check time, new message or tweets, it will be there. Handy!


2 thoughts on “E-Ink Smartphone Could Work

  1. While you lose video, action games, and similar active content, you gain an always-on display. Since e-ink doesn’t consume power once ‘printed’, you can keep the info widgets and notifications on screen. That’s a usability and experience advantage, actually.

    • Thanks for pointing that out! Exactly, You probably never need to lock/unlock your phone, just leave it on and not worry about Running out if battery. If you want to check time, weather or your new tweets, it’s always there!

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