Samsung’s Recent Copy of Apple and Their Secret Ingredient For Success

Photo Feb 26, 5 49 21 PM

Another blatant copy from Samsung. They could have come up with millions of different designs for the app, but no, they ‘happened’ to come very close to Apple. Makes you think they have Apple designers working for them maybe?

passbook walletImage Source:  The Verge

Hey come to think of it, I think I cracked Samsung’s secret ingredient for success. They took a page from Google on the Android OS, riding on Google’s huge R&D Android department. Then they took a page from Apple’s industrial design, exploiting the best design talents at Apple. Then they copied both Google and Apple’s ideas on application and services, like Passbook, Siri, etc., getting the best of both worlds. See my point here? No wonder they are so successful, they pretty much copied from the best on every area and put them together under ‘Galaxy’ brand. They are the best ‘other’s innovation integrator‘ on the market.

A note to Apple and Google, stop Samsung from doing it or your designers and engineers are also Samsung’s. Another note to legal system, stop Samsung or US companies will suffer even more, or got their success stolen from Samsung. If innovation and ideas cannot be protected here, then what else are we gonna compete with the likes of Samsung? Cheap labor?


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