Google’s New Chromebook Pixel: Talk About Advantages

There are many advantages for the new Pixel, but here are the obvious…

1. Retina Display
It has a 2560 x 1700 LCD panel, and is likely the most hi-res device around. We are a generation spoiled by all the retina screens(smartphone, tablet, Macbook Pro etc.) around us. We all know that it’s a lot harder to switch back to low-res than the other way around. We just have to have it now.
2. Touch Screen.
Supporting touch definitely is an advantage, though it depends on how well the OS user interface is designed, whether it has been enhanced, optimized or designed from ground up to support touch. From Verge’s review video, I saw he missed twice trying to switch tab on Chrome browser. But hey, you can touch to scroll the webpage now at least.
3. Cloud Storage
This lady came with 1 T storage space on Google Drive. Everybody loves more storage space. It’s a high-end ‘netbook’ (there isn’t such a thing until now, yay), so it’s suppose to be always connected (though with LTE version you’ll pay $1450). And having a 1T cloud drive you really don’t have to worry about storage space for a very long time. And we’ve all live in the tyranny of storage shortage for centuries. Live in scary, you will not.
4. Price
pixel pricing
This one seems a long shot, but bear with me. Imagine you have the extra dough to throw at this baby, when next time you walking into a Starbucks with it, everybody will be looking at you thinking: ‘This guy must be so cool that he is spending $1300 just to try new technology.’ It will become a status symbol. Pixel is the new Macbook Air!
Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, they are just jealous!

2 thoughts on “Google’s New Chromebook Pixel: Talk About Advantages

  1. I think point 3 is weak. I would rather have 1TB of local storage with synch.You lost me on point 4. Are you saying that having paid the price, you will look cool having one? If that’s the case, then I would argue that exclusivity is the advantage, not price, but that’s arguing semantics.

    Bottom line for me is that this probably best represents the direction of future computers, but for now, I will not pay coverage prices to have a separate 4G cellular account for my laptop and WiFi is just not quite ubiquitous enough for me to feel comfortable relying on it to get work done. Plus, it’s expensive.

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