My Creepy Experience with GMail

My Creepy Experience with GMail

My piece of experience with Gmail that I hope someone could decipher for me:

In Gmail, I was forwarding an email to a friend talking about an attachment I sent him before. Hit ‘Send’ button. A notification dialog pup up:

‘We noticed that you mentioned to send an attachment, but this email doesn’t have an attachment. Did you forget to attach the file?’

Seriously? Reading my email to sell ads is bad enough but I can still stand it somehow. Reading my content and try to make sense of it, and make suggestions (even in the name of helping me the user) is very very CREEPY to me. I felt like you’re writing a private letter to your lovers at home, then someone pop out of nowhere telling you: ‘oh you really shouldn’t add that last line. She wouldn’t like suggestive language.’

Does anyone know what’s going on with this Gmail behavior?


One thought on “My Creepy Experience with GMail

  1. I get your point here about privacy but honestly, I don’t share the view that this example is creepy. It seems like they are just looking for words like “attachment” or “attached” and then giving this notice if you haven’t added an attachment. Seems helpful! Just today, I got an email in my inbox that says “Sorry, I forgot the attachment before.” I wish all email interfaces would do that. It’s a way-common email problem we all face.

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