‘House of Cards’ : Refreshing Viewing Experience

HOC quote

So since everyone is talking about ‘House of Cards‘, I decided to throw in my 2 cents. As always, I’ll try to focus on the experience part. I promise, this one blog will be concise.

  • Being able to watching the entire season is REALLY REALLY GREAT! No waiting needed whatsoever.
  • Having known that, I found myself not wanting to see it all in one weekend. Kinda like little kids save their Halloween candy and not wanting to eat them all too quickly. It’s a secret pleasure.
  • Flexible when viewing is great. I start viewing in my media room with HD projectors, then go downstairs to my iMac, then end up in bed with my iPad. It’s true to all Netflix content though.
  • The show is amazing. Legit characters, great plot, Kevin’s ‘directly speaking to you’ monologues, very well written copy. The quality level is on par if not better than other hit HBO shows.
  • Modern day references you can relate to make it feel real. Kevin’s playing XBOX games, Zoe’s blogging practice get mocked by her journalist colleagues, iPhone text messaging back and forth displayed on-screen as an overlay, Twitter references (‘In today’s life, when you’re talking to one guy, you’re talking to thousands’ – Zoe), and don’t even mention all the ‘blatant’ Apple devices in every scene. (Can’t say whether it’s products placement though since Apple never do placement)
  • To be continued. 

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