Facebook’s Road to Close?

Facebook’s Road to Close?


Their business philosophy seems to be undergone subtle changes in Facebook headquarter. The ban on Voxer felt like last week, today they also banned Twitter’s new video sharing app Vine from accessing their ‘Fiend Friends’ feature again. Some say it’s kid’s fight between Twitter and Facebook. I think it’s might be deeper than that. Facebook is facing huge pressure after IPO on their financial performance and using every opportunity possible to monetize. I smell desperation from their recent moves. More importantly, they used to be pretty ‘open’ and foster a bigger social app/service industry based on their social graphs, allowing smaller social service and apps to grow the pie. Now they seems to not willing to do it, at least not without solid benefits. Who will be the next victim? Will they even go so far as charging money for it? Either way it’s a ‘Unlike’ for smaller companies and they might choose to ‘Unfriend’ Facebook platform. Will Facebook become a walled garden?

Situation is still developing. I’ll keep watching and report anything interesting back.



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