Internet Explorer Commercials: A Rare Breed from Microsoft

Internet Explorer

Today I came across the new Internet Explorer commercial: Child of the 90s 

I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Whatever advertising company came up with this, and whoever in Microsoft picked them should get a round of applause. It’s very human, in a nostalgic way, yet the scenes are still somewhat related to technology changes (which strikes the softer part of a geek’s heart like me).

The execution is pretty well too.  Carefully picked childhood memories, use of bold colors, lively music, work together to bring watcher back in time. And the best thing about it is, you don’t know what the ads is about until the last seconds, where the familiar IE icon shows. It helps build up some suspension during the process and the whole point of the ad is only revealed at the end, which is :’Don’t forget your childhood, ans we are part of that memory. Come back and visit us sometime.’.  It wouldn’t work if at the beginning of the ads the IE icon displayed, then people will judge and probably just turn their attention elsewhere.

The commercial itself is actually quite generic though. Any company with some history can run this , change switch out the IE icon. So I gave more credits to the ad company than Microsoft. But still, has the taste to pick the right partner is skill too.

See, my point here not only how awesome the commercial is, but also it’s a rare breed from Microsoft. It’s corporate image has long been ‘tainted’ by Steve Ballmer’s monkey jump performance for too many years. People look at Microsoft as an influential but intimidating, bullying company. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an Apple’s work, but a commercial with a subtle approach and a soft touch come from Microsoft that people can totally relate? It is incredible impressive!

With the new Metro UI, the new commercial, I had a very vague feeling that something good (maybe very small still) on design front is happening in some corner of Microsoft. Anyone has more insights into this?

Another generic IE commercial that leverage great song from singer and good taste on Microsoft:  ‘Too Close’


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